Hello and welcome to The Unauthentic Cook. My name is Rattana, the cook, author and photographer behind the Unauthentic Cook. I created this blog to compile all my favourite family recipes so one day I can pass these on to my kids and to share this with friends and families. Hopefully I can inspire more people to cook and hopefully I can help put Cambodian food on the map.

The name Unauthentic Cook came from my passion to simplify and improve cooking process but still maintain the authentic flavour of the dish. I feel that cooking should be a joy and not a complicated task that one should spend hours on it. As a busy full time working mum I am always looking out for easy recipes that still produce authentic flavours and any tool that will make life easier. The majority of the recipes should be from Khmer (Cambodian) and other Southeast Asian cuisines, but I also include other cuisines that my family enjoys.

I hope you enjoy trying out my recipes and I would appreciate feedbacks or comments you may have.

About Me
I was born and raised in Phnom Penh Cambodia. My father is a Cambodian Cantonese and my mother is a Cambodian Teochew. I am currently residing in Sydney. I am a wife to my wonderful husband Borey and a mum to my two boys Eric (4 years) and Aaron (18 months).

Before I became a wife and now mum, I always thought that I could cook. I was exposed to kitchen and cook my family meals at as early as 10 years old. Kitchen in Cambodia was not as modern and functional as kitchen in Australia. In the early days, we used clay stove and had to make fire from wood or coals. A few years before I came to Australia, we had the luxury of using gas stove and electric rice cooker, which were truly amazing. The foods I grew up with and enjoy eating were traditional Khmer and Cantonese dishes.

Although Borey was also from Cambodia, he grew up eating completely different kind of foods. His family meals were mostly Chinese (Teochew) dishes with a lot of meat and seafood and not much vegetables. Part of the reason was that his family is full of boys. My mum-in-law is the only woman in the family and she is quite happy that I could help her eating some of the vegetable dishes she cooked and the boys did not want to eat.

Since I had my own family, my cooking has changed to accommodate both of us and now my children (more boys) and it became quite challenging. I still cook traditional Khmer food but also more chinese dishes as well as dishes from other cuisines such as Italian, Japanese and other western cuisines. I also enjoy baking breads, cakes and other pastries, a luxury I never had when I was in Cambodia as oven was never heard of over there in normal family home.

Being a full time worker and finishing work quite late means that I do not have much time to cook dinner for my family. Therefore I only cook dishes that do not consume too much time, but I also want everyone to still enjoy eating the food I cook. With some planning and experiments, I manage to cook dinner and lunches for work and for my kid to take to school most days.

Organising recipes on this blog will help me document my favourite recipes. It will be my lifelong project and I hope to share this experience with all my families and friends.

Thanks for your kind support!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rattana,

    I totally cannot believe you can still find time blogging while juggling full-time work, study, 2 boys, a husband and of course cooking meals! This is really inspiring to a mom of 3 like me who enjoys cooking but lacks the drive because of the super busy schedule!

    I am sure the boys will appreciate seeing and reading their Mom’s compilation!

    You are a total inspiration! Will now try and make time to try out some of your recipes hehe!

    • Thanks Shirley! Talking about inspiration, you have plenty, successful career and of course the three super cute kids. I am just taking some sleeping time doing something I am passionate about šŸ˜€ Please I need you to try them out and tell me if I need to adjust anything as I realise it is incredibly hard compiling recipes because as you know we don’t normally follow recipes and we adjust the taste accordingly. I am very humble by your comments! Thanks again. Rattana.

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