Stir Fry Beanette Beans with Minced Pork and Dried Shrimps (Char Sandek Barang)


My apology that I have not posted in the last few weeks. I have been busy planning our family holiday to Bali and Cambodia. Although when I am back, I will also be busy with study as the semester would already start. I will try to post twice a month if everyone in the family are healthy as winter hasn’t been too kind since becoming a mum. Only when I started this blog that I realised how much work bloggers have spent on the contents of their blogs. I now read blogs with respect. Anyway, the holidays are all booked and tours are organised. I am very excited and look forward to seeing some friends and families in Cambodia. Only three more sleeps to go! My older son Eric has counted down daily since 6 weeks ago.

For tonight dinner I am making stir fry beanette beans with minced pork and dried srimps. I like beans whether they are snake beans, sweet peas or beanettes. I find it quite fascinating how some flavour combinations work together. Sweet peas for example go very well with seafood such as prawns or squids while beanettes go very well with minced pork. Beanettes are called Sandek Barang in Khmer (French beans). Anything with the word french attached to it is considered more valuable and therefore more expensive in Cambodia. Potato is one example. The normal potatoes we have here in Australia are called French potatoes in Khmer and they are more expensive than sweet or other types of potatoes. For this reason, we often used more snake beans in Cambodia. In Sydney, it is the opposite, beanettes are cheaper and available all year round.

My love for this dish started from one lunch at Din Tai Fung. They have this dish on the menu although they use snake beans and it was so delicious. I then tried to modify it at home using beanettes and add dried shrimps for more saltiness and textures. It was beautiful and has became our regular dish.

Recipe for Stir Fry Beanettes Beans with Minced Pork and Dried Shrimps (Char Sandek Barang)
Serve: 2
Time: 15 to 20 mins including preparation

What you need:
100g beanettes
150g minced pork
1 tbsp dried shrimps (optional). They can be found at most Chinese grocery
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 sugar
1 clove garlic finely chopped
2 tbsp olive oil


1- Wash and cut beans into small pieces (cut into 2 or three depending on bean’s length). Wash dried shrimps with water (it may not be necessary, but I was taught to do so)



2- Heat wok or frying pan on high and add oil and garlic. Saute garlic till golden


3- Add minced pork and use the wooden spatula or spoon to break the mince to evenly small pieces. Add the seasoning and keep stirring till the mince become golden


4- Add dried shrimps


5 – Add beans and stir for another 2 mins till the beans are slightly cooked but still firm and the colour are still bright green (or if you like your beans softer, cook for a min or so longer). Turn off the heat


6- Serve with steam rice


Tips: adjust seasoning according to your taste. Can use soy sauce and reduce salt. I have done it before and it works fine.


Tomato Cheese and Bacon Omelette


Hello Sunday, and welcome Winter! Today recipe is from my hubby, Borey. It has been a busy weekend with the kids. We spent the entire Saturday out to the Sydney aquarium and the Sydney Wild Life Park. Despite the bad weather forecast, we took the chance. There was nothing to lose, at least we got to eat some nice Japanese ramen if it was to rain, but the weather was just perfect. I was wearing singlet the whole time. Running after the kids was also a contributing factor. I was so exhausted and looked forward to today so I could have some rest.

Borey made us his famous tomato, cheese and bacon omelette for breakfast. It is so good that you have to give it a go. I normally never paid attention when he was making it, but this time I wanted to learn so that I could compile this and share with you guys. So all the gentlemen out there, please make this for your lovely partner although the ladies can also surprise their love ones too. I am sure they will be appreciative!

Recipe for Tomato Cheese and Bacon Omelette
Make: 2 large Omelettes
Time: 5 mins preparation, 10 mins cooking

What you need:
1 large tomato
2 slices of short cut bacon
2 slices of nice cheese or a cup of shredded cheese
4 eggs
3 tbsp milk
black pepper
olive oil

Optional salad
baby spinach
baby rocket
truffle oil

1- Dice tomato and bacon into small pieces


2- Break cheese in to small pieces in case you use sliced cheese

3- Crack eggs into a large bowl and add milk, 2 cracks of salt (1/4 tsp) and 2 cracks of peppers

4- Whisk egg mixture with fork till well combined

5- Heat up the frying non-stick pan or a skillet on medium heat (We use heat 6 from 1 to 9 cook top)

6- When the pan is hot, add some olive oil to coat the pan then pour half of the egg mixture into the pan like making a pancake

7- Allow the egg mixture to set for a min or so

8- Fill half of the omelette with half of the fillings: tomato, bacon and cheese


9- Cook them till all the egg mixture is firming up but still slightly runny

10- flip the other half of the circle to cover the cheese and continue cooking for another 1 min


11- Slide the omelette onto a clean plate and garnish with salad or truffle oil. It can be served with bread, but it is big enough for me.


12- Repeat the step for another omelette

Enjoy your breakfast!

Tips: you can replace bacon with ham or smoked salmon